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类型:动作 运动 动作片  马来西亚  2019 




Adam, a cocky MMA fighter, wins a fight using dirty tactics and then when challenged outside the Cage, unintentionally injures his opponent, Johan, in a street fight. As a result, Johan is paralysed. Guilt ridden and worried, Adam tries to find out whether Johan knows that he is the culprit, but then inadvertently gets drawn into Johan's life when he finds out that his actions have caused Lea and Reza, Johan's siblings, to lose their breadwinner and hopes for a better life. In order to redeem himself, Adam tries to change his old ways and gradually helps pay for the medical bills of not only Johan but Reza who has heart condition. Eventually, Johan forgives Adam. The men form an unlikely bond and through his friendship with Johan and Reza, Adam slowly starts to go back to his religion and through Johan, tries to learn the scriptures. However, things take a turn for the worse when Lea finds out that Adam is the very reason that Johan is paralysed. She cannot forgive Adam and tells hi



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